Madison Board of Education Meeting

The latest board meeting was held on December 2, 2019. It was mainly about the renaming of Glendale elementary school and the approval of Badger Rock five year renewal. 

There were many public appearances addressing their concerns and whether they approved the idea of changing the name of Glendale into Dr. Virginia Henderson. For the most part, they all supported the idea of changing the name. The first speaker explained that the name of a school should represents it history and convince people that the school can provide a good future for students. Based on the first speaker’s description of her, Dr. Virgina Henderson was a psychologist of Glendale and helped struggling mothers that were told that their children had learning disabilities. The second speaker, Dr. John is an educator. He supported the renaming of Glendale, but spoke more about about his concerns with the zero tolerance policies. He is upset that it caused 70 students to be expelled for committing actions that are technically against the policy. He mentioned was that a girl violated the district policy of not bringing weapons to school by using a plastic knife to cut her chicken. He was very passionate about this topic.

 The second topic of the board meeting was the approval of the Badger Rock five year renewal. Many parents and educators supported this. The parents talked about their personal experiences when having the school’s principal and staff members help their children overcome their challenges. An example of this would be the fact that the school’s principal was able to have a parent provide a ride for Melody Chavez’s daughter. Their family had many problems and wasn’t able to give their daughter a ride to school. Luckily the school’s principal was able to solve this problem. They all praised the school for being very communicative, supportive, and a welcoming community for all of the students to feel comfortable in. 

This information was from the live stream of the Board of Education Meeting Instruction Work Group 12/2/19, so watch it if you want to know more specific details.


By Emmie Digon

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