Houston Astros Sign Stealing Scandal

The Houston Astros are in hot water with the MLB this offseason over their alleged sign stealing that dates back to the 2017 season. They had been suspected for a long time of doing this, but it wasn’t until former pitcher Mike Fiers confirmed to The Athletic that this indeed was the case. Since then, many people have been making videos showing where the Astros were sign stealing. The most notable way they do this is through the bang of a trash can. Supposedly, the Astros had a video feed set up in another room and the person watching the camera told someone if a certain pitch was called, tipping off the Astros hitter. This is obviously a very serious allegation, and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred assured the media that this will be taken seriously, leading some to speculate what the punishment could be. Some have called for the Astros to be stripped of their World Series title, while some have called for the loss of draft picks. Either way, we can be sure that this will have a big effect on the future of the Astros.


By Nic Braico

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