Finals Before Winter Break?

Finals have always been a topic with a plethora of opinions but one of the main questions concerning it is, should they follow winter break or be completed before? Although many complain about being stressed for finals, causing them to not enjoy their winter break, if finals were before winter break, everything would just be too rushed. Finals usually result in the end of the 2nd quarter so having it after winter break causes the 2nd quarter to end 2-3 weeks later, allowing the school curricula to proceed slower. This extra time for the end of the quarter allows more time for teachers to teach the material and for students to process the information better, resulting in better test scores and grades.  Although many people travel and have busy plans during winter break, even if they are not studying, it is an extra time to process all of the information learned.

It also gives a time for people to plan out their schedule of how/when to study for finals and which specific final they should focus the most about. Some can even get a head start and start reviewing for their hardest final whenever they get time during winter break. This would also help teachers because let’s say on average, one teacher has about 100 students. They have to enter specific grades into Infinite Campus for each of those 100 students and even if there are 5 assignments for each student, that’s almost 500 times a teacher would have to grade/enter it into IC. With winter break, it would allot them more time to finalize grades and be less stressed. 


Finals are a very important part of one’s grade, even if they are 20% or less of the semester grade. But for many students, that percentage can mean the difference from an A or a B in that class, which will go on their high school transcript. So even if the thought of finals might haunt a student all though winter break, if they were to take it earlier, they might not have been able to do their best because of the rushed time and then the idea that they did really bad on the final would haunt them through winter break, which is an even worse fear.


By Saivarshini Rishi

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