Doomsday Clock: 2 Minutes to Midnight

The hands on the clock read two minutes to midnight. Global warming and climate change, information warfare, politics, and nuclear weapons are all a part of this dire prediction. First represented in 1947, the Doomsday Clock is a metaphor for how close our world is to a global catastrophe. The closer it is to midnight, the greater the imminent danger. At two minutes to midnight, this is the closest we’ve ever been.

The United States withdrew from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), which certainly made the hand of the clock tick a bit. And with seven other nuclear-armed states not governed by any constraints, especially India and Pakistan, the threat of nuclear warfare is looming on the horizon.

Climate change is another ominous problem for humanity as a whole. Each year we burn fossil fuels irreversibly ratchets up the level of suffering and ecosystem destruction caused by global warming. To fix this, we have to bring down our carbon emissions. All the way down to zero. But data from 2017 and 2018 shows that our emissions have assumed an upward trend.

Our situation is referred to as “the new abnormal” since last year’s reading on the Doomsday Clock was also 2 minutes to midnight. This place we find ourselves in is not at all tenable, and if we don’t do something soon, we’ll face a nuclear holocaust. 

I ask all of you who read this to consider how you can make a difference to prevent this. You could encourage people to vote for politicians and representatives that are taking steps against climate change and toward nuclear demilitarization. Or you could invest yourself in activism, and promote awareness of this. But we’re going to need all hands on deck in order to combat this. Tick. Tock.


By Elliot Weix 

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