Which Winter Holiday Character are You?

What is your favorite winter drink?

  1. Black coffee
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Milk
  4. Ice water
  5. Tea

What are your thoughts on snow?

  1. I don’t care.
  2. It’s fun to play in!
  3. It makes me feel all cozy inside!
  4. It’s my home turf!
  5. It makes it easier to hide and spy on people in the park. *mwahaha*

What do you want for a gift?

  1. Everyone’s suffering.
  2. I want everyone to be friends!
  3. I don’t want to get a gift; I want to give a gift!
  4. I want to play with my friends all day until Spring!
  5. All the gossip.

What would you give your best friend?

  1. Coal.
  2. I would give a really special gift to each of my closest friends!
  3. I would give everyone whatever they wanted!
  4. I want to bring happiness to everyone I meet!
  5. Juicy news on the most recent friendship drama.

How do you like spending your holiday?

  1. Staying inside or knocking down kids’ snowmen.
  2. I like to make new friends!
  3. Giving gifts to everyone I see!
  4. Ice skating, snowball fights, anything to do with the cold!
  5. Spying on the neighbors and gossiping to my besties *sips tea


Mostly A’s:

Congrats!(?) You’re just like the Grinch! Before he grew a heart, that is. Maybe try to give a little more this holiday season and make more friends. Trust me, it’ll be better for you in the long run!


Mostly B’s:

You’re just like Rudolph! You’re fun and friendly, but you only have a few friends. That’s ok, because they’re super close! Spend time with them and make them feel special this holiday season!


Mostly C’s:

Ho ho ho! You got Santa vibes going for ya! I can sense that you love giving gifts and cheer. Keep it up! We need your generosity and happiness!


Mostly D’s:
Yipee! You got Frosty! Snow and ice are home turf for you, and winter is your favorite season! Take advantage of the cold days and go skiing or skating with friends before the snow melts!


Mostly E’s:

Is that tea I smell? You’re the Elf on a Shelf, a lover of all the gossip, a queen of all the drama! This holiday season, have fun and hang with your besties, but make sure to stay out of trouble!


By Jessica Jiang

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