Trump’s Impeachment 

As Democrats rally and exclaim “impeach”, the republicans have no idea how to rebuttal. Fox News tries their best to make the situation sound better than it is, but they cannot. Trump really did himself this time as he is caught up with selling information to foreign powers in order to get dirt on his opposition, Joe Biden. The process has been gruelling as The House is thoroughly divided, but the process is taking place as the republicans in the house unanimously opposed the impeachment process under the pressure of party before policy that the United States has adopted in our modern political system. Both parties oppose one another to the point of depriving the country of what they truly need, which is real legislation. Nearly four years into Trump’s time in Office, almost none of the things he promised are happening due to the fact that the United States political system is in stagnant with any person in power. In an age of technological advancement and every piece of information ever being in the hands of any middle class citizens, politicians still can’t agree on any legislation as political parties have become more important. 

Impeachment will take place for Trump and for good reason, but American politics needs to find answers for how our democracy can put these people in power such as Nixon, Clinton, or Bush. When sitting as president, the people voting for those candidates should not worry about if their leader will be taken out of office because of our political parties getting in the way surrounded by a society built upon doing whatever to succeed. This is done through ways of extortion and treason, which is a sad day in democracy and the United States. The political system we are a part of should take a long look at how they are treating the people in a country where it is ultimately ruled by the people and for the people.


By Liam Gill-Sutton  

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