The Inside Scoop on Urinetown

Questions for Emily:

What influenced your decision in picking Urinetown for the Winter Musical?

Emily: I knew this was a group of really passionate and comedic people, and I thought it had very relevant themes to our world today, while it’s also under this funny facade.


What are you most excited for? 

Emily: I know that this is a very funny show, and I’m excited to see people’s surprise at how hard they’re laughing!


What is your favorite song in the show?

Emily: Oh, it’s gotta be “It’s a Privilege to Pee”.


When and where is the show?

Emily: February 7-9th and the following week, February 14-16th @7:30 in the JMM Buchhauser Auditorium!


Where can I buy tickets?

Emily: At the door on the day of the show, or you can online at


Should I come see it?

Emily: YES.


Who in the cast do you think is most alike to their character?

Emily: That’s not a fair question. I think everyone is very similar to their character, and I think everyone would be offended by me saying so! 


Questions for Brodde:

What role do you play in Urinetown?

Brodde: I play Bobby Strong, the janitor of “Amenity #9” who grows extremely unsatisfied with the limitations the town put on the citizens right to urinal freedom, and decides to do something about it.


What is the general idea of the show?

Brodde: Picture this: it now costs money to go to the bathroom in your hometown! One young man, Bobby Strong, begins a revolution based around the idea that “Peeing should be Freeing!”, and the show is about the journey of a whole town and their ability to rally around a common goal. 


What are you most excited for during the show?

Brodde: I’m most excited to build a sense of camaraderie and family amongst the actors, and explore ourselves not only as cast and crew, but also as friends.


What message do you hope to convey through Bobby Strong?

Brodde: “You’re alive, but are you living?”


If you could play any other character in the show, who would it be?

Brodde: Definitely ‘Hot Blades Harry’. He has the coolest name ever .


Would you recommend coming to see the show?

Brodde: I would definitely recommend seeing the show this year, there are going to be some exciting elements incorporated into the production and the cast and crew are so eager to make it a very fun show!


By Brynn Sailing

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