Our Town: Review

In a classic tale of the everyday sorrows, triumphs of human life, the Memorial Theatre Company displayed its enormous talent in this year’s fall play, Our Town. The show followed the lives of George Gibbs (Christian Jensen) and Emily Webb (Kate Clark) as they lived out their childhood, adolescence, and adulthood in Grover’s Corner, a fictional town in New Hampshire. Throughout the show, Mr. Gibbs (Lucas Koch), Mrs. Gibbs (Charlotte Ravenscroft), Mr. Webb (Travis Watts) and Mrs. Webb (Izzy Malliet) guided their children throughout their lives and eventually their deaths with kindness and patience, pulling the audience in to experience George and Emily’s lives along with them. The main storyline was narrated by three storytellers (Artur Siklos, Ellie Overkamp and Sylvia Barbush) who described daily life in Grover’s Corner with humor and impressive detail. The entire show was illuminated by Memorial’s talented sound and lighting crews, and was a fantastic experience to watch. Congratulations to everyone involved for a great show!


By Julianna Baldo

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