Jane Fonda & Ted Danson Arrest

 Jane Fonda being taken away in handcuffs during a climate strike protest has now become a weekly tradition for her. But a couple weeks ago, she was joined by Ted Danson, famous from The Good Place and Cheers.

Celebrities have started to take a stand in the climate change issues going on in the world, and Ted Danson and Jane Fonda are two of them. They were arrested and one of the weekly, youth-led protests, coined “Fire Drill Fridays”, because of the Greta Thunberg quote, “We have to behave like our house is on fire, because it is.” This week, they were supporting Congress’ Green New Deal. Danson and Fonda were among 32 protesters arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating” at the intersection of First and East Capitol streets near the Capitol building, according to police. The 32 were charged for “crowding, obstructing or incommoding,” reported the Los Angeles Times.

Ted Danson talked about how he was going to take it easy when he turned seventy, but then he met Jane Fonda, who is 80, and that she really changed that. “She’s astounding, she became my mentor,” he said, “and here I am about to get arrested … it focuses your brain a little bit.” 

These protests take place every Friday at 11am, and each highlights a different issue. Different celebrity faces have been popping up at these as well, such as “Law & Order”’s Sam Waterston. People who are able to get out of jail easily are making the point to get arrested, because that isn’t an issue for them. Influential people are taking a stand, finally, and people need to help them, not by getting arrested, because busting out isn’t a privilege most people have, but there are so many other ways people can help.

So as Danson so eloquently ended his speech on his thirty years of ocean activism, “So come on down. Get arrested. Get your head on straight.”

By Mihika Shivakumar

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