Artist of the Month

Artist: Caleigh Christy

Year: Junior


Q: What famous person would you want to make a masterpiece with?

A: There are a lot of directors that I look up to, but it would be cool to work with Wes Anderson. I like his films and think that his style is very interesting. I could learn a lot from working with him.


Q: What is your motivation?

A: I want to make people happy and have them enjoy what they are watching. I think that it gives people a chance to escape from reality in some sort of way.


Q: Are your films a reflection of yourself?

A: I put a lot of my personality into my videos, but I also try to mix other people into it to make sure that it could kind of relate to everybody.


Q: Who supports you the most?

A: Mr. Frontier because I have had him for all of my video and photo classes. Everyone that I have worked with and my friends have been very supportive of me. Like when I ask them to be in my projects or to help on something.


Q: What do you like to film?

A:  Normally, I like to film stuff that is a little more visual and storytelling without dialogue because it’s hard to be sure if the actors will portray what I want to see. I want to leave more up to your imagination by not having the dialogue in there to explain the whole story.


Q: What advice would you give to other filmmakers?

A: I would say to just always try to find time to practice more and always make what you want to make first. Take every opportunity you can get. It doesn’t matter if you are the best. 


Q: What do you think a great film must have?

A: Camera movement, colors, making sure that everything is like in balanced and really visually appealing. You have to pick a storyline that you want to tell, but also that other people are going to feel that they can relate to it.


By Emmie Digon and Amy Yao


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