3 Essential Winter Safety Tips

Winter has blown into Madison especially forcefully this year, and as temperatures continue to drop as fast as the snow piles up, it’s important to be mindful of the weather. Here are three tips to stay safe in the upcoming months.


  • Carry a basic survival kit with you whenever you’re going somewhere: Pack a small box or bag with some basics like food, water, a blanket and a first aid kit with bandages and antiseptic wipes. If you become stranded in a snowstorm or stuck in the cold, carrying a basic survival kit with you will keep you safe and warm until you can get help.
  • Drive slowly: When snow falls, melts, and refreezes, it creates a thin film of ice on the roads that can make it very hard to control your vehicle. Be mindful of potentially icy conditions and make sure to avoid speeding when you drive, especially when doing complicated maneuvers like turns. 
  • Bring protection for your face and hands: Always carry a scarf and pair of gloves with you when going out. You can get frostbite in less than half an hour if the wind chill outside is colder than -15° F outside, so bringing layers you can protect your hands and face with is essential for a trip outdoors.



By Julianna Baldo

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