Trump Finalizes Immigration Deal with El Salvador

President Trump made a deal with El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, that they would share the responsibility of  protecting migrants that fear of prosecution in their home country. This means that a majority of Mexican migrants would not be given protection and an asylum under the United States. In fact, Luc Cohen from Reuters explained that this agreement would also allow the United States to have many Migrants deported back to Central America. This gives the United States an opportunity to limit Migrants from crossing the border as they won’t be the only country providing protection. Colleen Long and Astris Galvan from AP News also mentioned that once the “cooperative asylum agreement” was signed, this plan was put into action starting off with both countries following border security procedures. However, this concerns many people as El Salvador is a very dangerous country. They don’t think that El Salvador, along with other countries in Central America could provide the migrants the same protection as the United States would, which is why the United States will be assisting them in making it a safer and more secure place. When both countries finish following all of the required procedures, the United States hopes to make the same agreement with Honduras and Guatemala.

By Emmie Digon

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