Season 4 of Stranger Things Preview

With the recent announcement of season 4, Stranger Things fans have picked apart the trailer from start to finish. The trailer opens open with the familiar title sequence, however; it then makes a quick and sharp turn away from the normal neon light show. The title sequence letters jump into the upside down and vines begin to grow and destroy the letters we’ve become accustomed to. The words “We’re not in Hawkins Anymore” appear in sync with an ominous church bell. This teaser leads many to believe in the return of Hopper and Will. Many fans are speculating that we’ll see Hopper exploring the Upside Down in Russia, following the dramatic ending to season 3. Others are guessing that we’ll be introduced into a more mature high school version of the terror fighting gang. Unfortunately we will have to wait and speculate until the season’s unspecified release date.

By Davis Hardy

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