Homecoming Week Recap

I went to a very small middle school, that didn’t have teachers, let alone pep rallies. Homecoming week as an entirety was surreal. There’s a sense of unity in the student body at Memorial that you could see over the course of the week, which was wild to me, since there was so many kids! Even with the amount, there was still a school pride bond between students, and a camaraderie that was the coolest thing to even view. But even after a week of dressing up, and seeing the other kids dress up, I still wasn’t ready for the pep rally.

I’m a class officer. That should, hypothetically, mean I know what’s going on. But at the same time, I’m a freshman. Going into this, none of the freshman class officers had any idea what to expect. Lip sync? School song? The terms being thrown around honestly meant nothing to us in the context of a rally. What did tug of war have to do with a pep rally? We knew about the banner and window competitions, and that we would have to do a pep rally, and all our knowledge of the event ended there.

Over the course of the week, we had different dress-up days: Monochromatic Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wear Your Best Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Friday was just full-out school spirit. Our student body really does go all out for this, dressing up for each day. 

Friday was already School Spirit Day, which was something the kids here, including me, went all out for. I don’t know why that was surprising, given the amount of participation in the previous days of Spirit Week, but the sheer amount of green in the school on that Friday was truly spectacular. If kids went so out for School Spirit, it would be safe to assume that our pep rally would also be full of school pride.

I think it’s fair to say that the kids in our school go all out at the pep rallies. There were separate bleachers distinguishing the grade levels, and even though the entire thing was a competition between grades (that nobody but the seniors had a chance at winning,) the entire thing was created to build school support and hype everybody up, like one huge team-building activity.

The competition between grades was through certain events, such as lip sync battle, school song, window painting, banner design, relay races, beatboxing, and tug of war. Each event had a couple representatives from each grade, or in tug of war’s case, ten representatives. The seniors won most of the events, with the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors winning a few. The stands would cheer loud for their grade, with everybody standing and absolutely nobody sitting, which in itself shows how much the kids in this school care for events like this. Homecoming week was getting ready for the game and the dance, but the week itself was crazy fun. Nobody does school spirit like Memorial!

By Mihika Shivakumar

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