Do AP Classes Really Matter?

From a recent study reported by the College Board in 2018, more than 1.7 million students across the nation in the class of 2017 were enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course, surpassing the 1.14 million and 691,437 students in the class of 2016 and 2007 respectively that took an AP course. With a growing number of high school students enrolling in an AP course in successive years, this leads to the question of why more students are engaged in the program. 



Saving Money on College Tuition


After a student completes their learning in April on the concepts tested on the AP exam they’re taking in May, this is a vital component in the possibility of the individual receiving college credit if they score a 3 or above on the exam depending on the university they’re seeking. By taking the AP course throughout the school year, this will enrich their understanding of the concepts to be prepared for what the AP exam will test them on. If the student scores well because of the knowledge they acquired in class, this will give them the opportunity to save money on their college tuition because they aren’t required to enroll in the class at the institution they’re attending in order to graduate. University of Southern California graduate, Rebecca Buddingh stated that she had earned enough AP credit to save up to $60,000 in the costs of college tuition, and was able to graduate in just three years with a bachelor’s degree.  



Developing Rich Academic Skills


The rigor of AP courses allows students to develop important academic skills that they will be able to carry on into college, such as time management and note-taking. Because AP courses are fast-paced this will encourage the student to develop better time management skills to complete the task not only on time but well. Having useful notes to study off of from for tests and quizzes are prominent in performing well in the class. The challenge that AP courses present to students can be overcome by taking effectual notes that are organized and concise. 



Enhancement of College Application 


Universities nationwide want to see that a student has challenged themselves throughout all four years of their high school career. The AP program is centered around curriculum that is taught at the college level. If an individual performs well in the AP class that they are enrolled in, this can be a great advantage for the student to show the institution that they will excel at their school. 

By Joylyn Gong

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