Apple vs. Android

 When considering which phone to buy, the obvious choices are Androids or Apple phones. However, they both have great features and it’s important to compare based on certain qualities. We hope that these insights can help you decide what type of phone you want. 

Androids are better than Apple phones when it comes to reasonable pricing, reliability, and uniqueness. While Androids can vary in price due to being produced by different companies and having different models, the typical Android is cheaper than iPhone models which are constantly being updated. Androids allow you to install many free applications. If my Android phone was freezing up, I could quickly find a solution online. Apple phone users would have to go to an apple store, pay someone to fix their phone, only to learn that they would have to uninstall their favorite apps, which is really inconvenient. Androids also come in many forms because they come from multiple companies. Apple phones come in one set size and shape that depend on its model. When purchasing an Android phone, you have more control in what size and shape you want your phone to be, allowing you to be more unique than everyone else. 

I think iPhones are superior to Androids in many aspects. The average price of an iPhone is higher than the average Android model, but it’s worth it. Apple phones are only produced from Apple, which means that it has only one type of look based on its model. I prefer the simplicity and sleek model that makes it easier for people of all ages to use. Apple phones typically have better quality compared to cheaper Android phones and they often process information and work faster than Androids do. Game developers, such as Nintendo and Sony, prefer using iPhones as a gaming platform, often updating and developing games such as Super Mario Run. iPhones can also connect to other Apple devices, with applications such as airdrop and cloud. Because Apple creates many other devices, such as computers, iPads and watches, an iPhone’s ability to integrate with other devices is unrivalled. 

By Emmie Digon


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