My First Day of School

I came from a private school known as EAGLE, which was a really tight knit community. The enormous size of Memorial confused me, and most people from EAGLE went to West or Verona, so I only knew a few people. The part that made me feel safer was that my friends I made during my 6th grade at Jefferson were there. I had one class with my best friend, which although wasn’t enough, at least we were finally reunited. 

On the first day of school, I was really worried. What if I can’t make any friends in my classes? What if I drown in endless homework? What if I wasn’t used to such a big school and I don’t know anyone? Some teachers and upperclassmen volunteered to give us introductions which explained how things ran, but the entire time I couldn’t find my friends and I was panicking.

 I went to my first hour class, which I thought was AP Calculus with Mr. Kvistad, but turns out I had a schedule change so I arrived late to Science. Science class was surprisingly relaxing and I liked how welcoming it felt. I felt pretty stiff during the beginning, but as I navigated to class (and yes, I did manage to get my friend late with me) I was starting to feel more comfortable. My favorite class was Principles of Biomedical Science with Ms. Dwyer, since she was down-to-earth and I knew I was going to have a great year with her. All of my teachers were really kind and they felt like they truly cared about their students, and my classmates were really hilarious. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my year here! 

By Amy Yao

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