My First Day as a Spartan

As my alarm woke me up early this past Tuesday, my mind began racing with all kinds of emotions. While I was slightly nervous for the unpredictable day ahead of me, I was also very excited to start out my freshman year.  I had everything prepared and ready for the first day of school, from all of my supplies, to what outfit I would wear. Just as I was getting ready, I began to wonder what we would do during our first day, other than finding our way around.  What if there was a pop quiz in math? Would we have to take any placement tests to see where we were at? But when the day began, I realized that there was nothing to be worried about- only fun plans ahead of me and the start of my adventure at Memorial.

When the school bus pulled up to my stop almost ten minutes past the predicted time, I felt a sigh of relief.  This was my first time taking the city bus, or a school bus in general, so I had to learn how everything worked. I used my bus pass for the first time and waited for the bus to arrive at school.  There were so many new people and teachers welcoming all the freshmen at the door! Before I knew it, I was catching up with my old friends and introducing myself to so many new students. Since my middle school, St. Maria Goretti, was a lot smaller than Memorial, I really had to adjust to the size and amount of people.  I used to know almost everyone at my school, but here, you will always be meeting new people.  

After getting lost multiple times by mixing up what side of the building the rooms were on, I got a glimpse of all of my classes for the year. I brought home a syllabus from almost every class, and I was surprised with many fun activities.  One of my highlights from the day was in science class, when Mrs. Fuller lit a “Halloween candle” made from a sweet potato and had us give our observations. I also really enjoyed exploring the club fair, where I learned about so many awesome clubs that I never knew existed.

Later, following all of the energy from the first day, I took the city bus back home.  I have to say that my first day at Memorial was a lot better than I expected, and was overall really successful.  Even though it took me a while to find my way around, I now can say that I have a pretty good sense of the building. Through all of the adventures I have encountered in the past few weeks, my experience being a Spartan has started wonderfully.

By Ava Kenney

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