Homecoming Interview

Senior-class president Jeremyah Williams is busy as a bee with the upcoming Homecoming dance preparations. The theme has been announced as “spirit”, with Beyonce’s song from the Lion King as inspiration. Assuredly, there will be an abundance of green and white, Memorial-esque decorations adorning the gym.  Commemoration of the Spartan Spirit is largely the goal of the 2019-2020 Homecoming dance. Preparations for the pep rally are also under way, with Williams working hard to secure artists to make the class banner and emcees for the entertainment of the school body. He urges all seniors with a penchant for public speaking or comedy to see Ms. Glaaser about emcee sign ups! Additionally, Jeremyah has assured me that there will be a special surprise of his own. However, unfortunately no football players will be able to participate in the tug of war, as Coach Harris is trying to avoid premature injury before the big homecoming game.

By Brynn Sailing

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