Gender Equity Association

September was an awesome month for the Gender Equity Association! We kicked off the year by introducing our Co-Presidents, Maggie Di Sanza and Melanie Golden (, and our Vice-President Amira Pierotti (! We also explained what the club goals, and focuses were throughout the year, from global feminism, to women in media, to female and gender-non-conforming health

The wonderful leaders and members planned for the October Fundraiser taking place in the A-Wing foyer on October 15th and October 16th in the morning and after school! All of the funds will be donated to ‘Beads for Education,’ a feminist organization that works toward equitable access to comprehensive education for young girls and gender non-conforming people around the globe. During October, we will be having various guest speakers visit and call in to speak about global feminism.

We are excited about our projects this year which will increase equity not only in JMM, but across the Madison community. Our first project is working with the JMM administration to place menstrual hygiene products in all restrooms and locker rooms. As this is a huge project, our goal is to have these products consistently stocked in all women’s and gender neutral restrooms. We are also working with the district to include greater comprehension of sexual assault and rape culture in health classes as well as providing resources to survivors in MMSD. Our final major project is putting posters with Madison community survivors’ experiences in schools around the Madison area. 

Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch in room 804 to be apart of making the Madison community more equitable! 

By Maggie Di Sanza & Amira Pierotti 

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