Four Frustrating Freshman Refreshers

1)  All of those hard earned grades in middle school are now worthless because it has nothing to do with your high school transcript. Make sure that you keep up your grades because each assignment, quiz and test matters.

2) Remembering where all the classes were and every teacher’s name in middle school  isn’t going to help you in highschool. Instead, you have to learn where all your classrooms are which could be scattered all around the building, which makes it very hard to navigate. It may seem annoying, but it is the reality. Learn all of the short-cuts to your classes so that you will be there on time.

3) If you were a student that had bad behavior in middle school, now is your chance to make up for it. Create a better routine of doing what your teacher tells you to, being respectful, and being responsible for your school work. It may seem like a lot, but it will help you in the long run.

4) Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your freedom for school. You have to choose getting your school work done over hangout with friends. While it seems annoying, it’s a lot better than failing a class because you chose to do what you want rather than doing what you need to do.

By Emmie Digon

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