Advice Column


A: I used to struggle with this, but this school year, I have been doing great. If you’ve tried many ideas and none of them have worked, look no further. Use a planner, write down everything you have to do, but make it visually pleasing. Use different colors for every class, write neatly, and make your homework plan creative. When you get big projects, look at the rubric and class plan to split up your days accordingly. Write down what you need to accomplish each day, and before you know it, your project will be done in your best quality. Complete all of the work you can at school or during class, it’s been proven in studies you feel more motivated to do work while you’re at school and not distracted as much as when you’re at home. When you’re at home, you’ll feel tempted to go hang out with your friends, watch television, or take a nap. Use your lunchtime to get work done! It’s 50 minutes of free time, use it to your advantage! If you want to hang out with your friends, use the first 30 minutes of lunch and then during flex, head to the library. If you have any free time in class, do your work! You’re at school for 8 hours a day, try to do most of your work in that time period.


A: At the beginning of every school year, everybody is a little nervous about friends. Everybody is looking for friends in their new classes. Use that to your advantage! Take a look at who you sit by, and get to know them. Whenever you see them in the hall, say hey. As the year goes on, you will slowly start to become more comfortable with them, and will become good friends. If you’re shy and don’t open up easily, there are other ways. If you have friends in certain classes, use them to open up to other people! When you’re with your friends, you tend to be more open, outgoing, and friendly. It’s an easier way to make more friends.


A: It’s a tough question, with many different answers. It all depends on the person. Are you self motivated? Are you good at time management? What are your priorities? It’s different. But, since I have experience in this area, take this advice from a sort of efficient, sometimes motivated, sleep deprived student. When you’re at school, focus on school. Use the weekdays to get school work done. At lunch, it’s nice to hang out with your friends with a bit, but then go get some work done.Try to get it all done during the week, so your weekends are free for other activities. In fact, get your work with your friend! I would save work for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Those are the days that are free and open for the majority of high school students. If you work a part time job, you should be able to cover your hours in those days. Before or after you work, if you finish as much homework as you can during the week, you can hang out with your friends without stressing about what you have to get done. 


I know this is a lot, but take what you want from it! Send in your questions to the Sword and Shield when the poll opens on the instagram to be answered for next month’s issue! 

By Jassi Chahal

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