Summer Movie Review

This summer was full of throwback movies, but two that really took the spotlight were Aladdin and The Lion King. One of Disney’s hit movies is back, in live-action, and is a must watch! Aladdin takes viewers on a magical and thrilling journey to take back the city of Agrabah from the evil hands of Jafar. Along the way, Aladdin befriends the Genie and Princess Jasmine. The chemistry between these characters is emotional, humorous, and exciting. Some of the action scenes left the audience at the edge of their seats. When Aladdin was being chased by the city guards, those few minutes were heart-pounding. Also, its focus on feminism and women as leaders takes center stage and blows the audience away with an ending that viewers will not see coming. The soundtrack did not disappoint. With catchy tunes, Aladdin will have you singing songs like A Whole New World for days! The animation, as usual, was stunning. Not a single detail was left out when animating the movie. Everything from the city views, to the Genie and Magic Carpet were animated perfectly. In short, it’s a whole new world! So, if you’re looking for a movie with more action, emotion, and empowering messages, this is a must watch for you. Another hit movie that came out this summer was The Lion King! Lion King Mufasa, along with his entire kingdom, celebrate the arrival of his cub, Simba. But not everyone is celebrating. Scar, King Mufasa’s brother and former heir to the throne, has plans to put himself on the throne instead. The journey is filled with betrayal and tragedy and ultimately results in Simba’s exile from the kingdom. Simba befriends a pair of intriguing animals, but with their help, Simba must figure out a way to return to his rightful place. This movie is entirely animated and much more sophisticated than the previous Lion King movies. Starring Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and Beyoncé, this version of the Lion King movies takes new voices and incorporates the old, but classic dialogue of the original voices. Seth Rogen, who plays the Pumbaa the Warthog, has a wonderful comedic dynamic with Billy Eichner, who plays Timon the Meerkat. Aside from classic dialogues and stunning animation, The Lion King is a great movie for all to enjoy.   

By Evanka Amin




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