Sudan Protests: Demonstrators prove the might of citizens

Former president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir has long had a history of war. He took power in the midst of Sudan’s civil war, and although he ended fighting that war in 2005, another war was starting. This one was in Darfur, and al-Bashir’s actions regarding Darfur got him accused of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC). In April 2019, the citizens of Sudan overthrew their leader since 1998, Omar al-Bashir, after a long stretch of protesting. This has led to tensions between pro-democracy and military movements as they both vie for power over Sudan now that there is no leader. The protests have been overtly violent and in the capitol, Khartoum, on June 3 dozens of people were killed, and some even were thrown into the Nile River. The pro-democracy and military protesters on August 4, signed a constitutional declaration to jointly form a transitional government in this time of change for the country. In this declaration, the sides will share power for 39 months and then elections will be held after that period to determine a new president of Sudan.

By Eliana Sauer



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