Mueller Testifies in Congress Disappointing Both Sides of the Aisle

On July 24, Special Counsel Robert Mueller III testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on the subject of his investigation of President Trump. The focus of the investigation was to find the depth of possible collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. After the 448-page document was released, both Democrats and Republicans claimed the Mueller Investigation supported their argument; however, Mueller specifically stated the purpose of the investigation was not to prove the guilt or innocence of the President. 

Both sides of the aisle hoped Mueller’s testimony would prove their political views correct. Democrats hoped Mueller would condemn the representation of his report by Attorney General William Barr and also refute the claim that his report had exonerated Trump, whereas Republicans hoped Mueller would agree that his report did exonerate Trump. In the end, Mueller stated the investigation had not cleared Trump of guilt. Throughout his testimony, Mueller mostly answered with short sentences or simply one-word answers. He did not elaborate on most of his answers to the frustration of Republicans and Democrats alike. No new political action has been taken by either the Left or Right in the wake of the hearing.

By Amira Pierotti

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