Menstrual Equity Corner: Preface

This year, the Sword and Shield will have a monthly article dedicated to educating about menstrual equity. At JMM, we are still working towards having menstrual products in every restroom and having a stigma-free environment. One news story a month will be highlighted along with one issue surrounding menstruation world-wide. Menstrual equity impacts females in every aspect of life, from education to careers to even their survival. Next month will elaborate on such issues and more. To learn more about menstrual equity before the next issue, visit JMM Gender Equity Association’s website,, or read Period Power by Nadya Okamoto. This summer, Representative Melissa Sargent introduced a bill to Wisconsin’s state congress to provide free pads and tampons in all state and local buildings, including schools. Rep. Sargent stated such products “are necessities, not luxuries, and the over 50% of the population who menstruate here in Wisconsin should not have to continue to face the undue and unjust burdens of inaccessibility to essential hygiene products.” All buildings owned or leased by state and local governments must provide free menstrual products, according to the bill. 

By Amira Pierotti and Maggie Di Sanza


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