What You Missed at the Club Fair!

Drama, Debate, & Forensics (DDAF): DDAF is Memorial’s collection of sub-clubs and teams for performing arts, and competitive public speaking. From putting on the plays and musicals to being the twelve-time State Champions in competitive public speaking and acting, JMM DDAF is an incredible group to be apart of! The first meeting is on Tuesday, September 10th in Theater 300 – hope to see you there! 


If you have any questions reach out to Emmelyn Cullen, or Leah Metzger at: cullenemmelyn@gmail.com or leahgmetz@sbcglobal.net 


The Gender Equity Association: The Gender Equity Association is a combination of Women’s Club and Teal Ribbon (Sexual Assault Prevention) Club. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss feminism and women’s issues, plan fundraisers for female organizations and nonprofits, run workshops, and promote a more equitable Madison and Memorial community. If you are interested in gender issues, come to room 804 on Tuesday, September 10th during lunch for the kickoff meeting! 


Contact Maggie Di Sanza, or Melanie Golden if you have any questions at: mgdisanza@madison.k12.wi.us or megolden@madison.k12.wi.us 


Sword & Shield: You know this wonderful group! The Sword & Shield is JMM’s student journalism publication, covering everything from student opinion and national news, movie reviews and advice from seniors. Are you a photographer? Writer? Investigator? Whatever journalistic skills you can offer, we would love to have you on the team! If you are interested to come to our kickoff planning meeting on Monday, September 9th, during lunch in the Photo Lab! 


Reach out to Maggie Di Sanza or Jessica Jiang if you have any questions at: 

mgdisanza@madison.k12.wi.us or jljiang@madison.k12.wi.us 


Student Activist Club: Are you interested in youth activism? Racial equity? Feminism? Mental health rights? Political and judicial representation? Whatever it may be, Student Activist Club has a ton of opportunities for JMM students to take action within their own communities. Their first project is organizing the global climate strike on September 20th. Help them out by attending their kickoff meeting on Monday, September 16th in room 854D during lunch! 


If you have questions contact Anika Sanyal or Julia Olsen at: 

asanyal@madison.k12.wi.us or jlolsen@madison.k12.wi.us 


Spartan Youth Service: If you enjoy community service and directly witnessing the difference you can make in the larger Madison area, SYS is a must for you! From rescuing animals for shelters, to volunteering with young students at elementary schools, there are a multitude of experiences for JMM students interested in service. If you want to take part in Memorial’s largest volunteer club, attend their first meeting on Wednesday, September 12th in the Wisconsin Study Center at 3:45pm! 


Have questions – reach out to Kevin Li or Julia Zhou at: 

kli@madison.k12.wi.us or jzhou@madison.k12.wi.us 


The Chamber Orchestra: Do you play violin, viola, cello, bass, or piano? If so, the JMM Chamber Orchestra is the club for you! The Chamber Orchestra has groups of young instrumentalists practice, provide feedback, and perform for an unforgettable musical experience. Don’t worry about your skill level or talent – be it novice or advanced, they will find a welcoming group and appropriate piece for you. If you are interested, attend their kickoff meeting on Friday, September 14th during lunch in the Orchestra Room! 


If you have concerns shoot Maggie Di Sanza or Veronika Souzek an email at: 

mgdisanza@madison.k12.wi.us or vtsouzek@madison.k12.wi.us  


Spartan News: If you are interested in video production or photography, producing Memorial’s weekly news show might be for you! Each week, during PCT Mondays a ten minute video featuring the weather, club and school announcements, a ‘question of the week,’ and a ‘clip of the week’ are featured in Spartan News. If you would like to be a host, producer, or editor, attend their kickoff meeting on September 12th during lunch in the Photo Lab. 


Reach out to Mr.Frontier or Davis Hardy if you have any questions at: 

jfrontier@madison.k12.wi.us or dchardy@madison.k12.wi.us 


Green Club: Memorial’s Green Club works to care for the Memorial Campus Environment: outdoor green spaces, green houses; as well as the environmental health of the greater Madison area. The club has pursued resource management projects like gardening, composting, energy and water conservation, educational outreach, engineering projects, as well as organizing marches for climate justice. If reversing climate change is your jam – drop in on Mondays during lunch in Room 665 starting on September 9th! 

– Maggie Di Sanza

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