Getting Back Into School Tips

It can be tough to switch from a chill summer mindset to go back to studying every night and being overloaded in every class, but the transition back to school was never intended to be so strenuous. Beyond the simple advice of studying well and being nice to your teachers, there are always some small tips that can make all the difference in managing your stress level on a day to day basis. Follow these and you’re sure to have an easy, stress-free transition back into school!


Tip #1 – Prep Each Day

Knowing what classwork you have due the next day, your plans for lunch and anything you’ll need to complete during your study hall or after school can be super helpful when managing day to day stress! As well as being prepped for classes, prep for yourself as well!  Remember to fill up your water bottle every day, stay hydrated, and to pack your backpack full of brain food is always a good idea. Almonds, apples, and granola bars are great and easy to snack on!


Tip #2 – Use Your Planner

Planners are one of the most convenient ways to keep on track with homework, important due dates, meetings, and extracurriculars! Jotting down the assigned homework at the end of each class period will help keep you feeling organized when it comes to prioritizing an English presentation over a Chemistry quiz. The school gives every student a planner at the beginning of the school year, use it! Or, if you want, buy your own!


Tip #3 – Take Advantage of Class Time

It can be easy to clock out of class mentally once your presentation is done or the quizzes are passed in, but try to make the most of any extra class time to get a jumpstart on your various assignments or other tasks! It can greatly reduce the after school study stress. If you’re done with your essay in class, take the time to complete a chemistry assignment or finally email your counselor about that scheduling change. You’ll have more time for other activities after school!


Tip #4 – Get A Head Start and Finish It ASAP

While it can be all too easy to put off the research paper that you have due in two weeks, it can both ease your stress and help substantially if you start your project immediately the night it was assigned. The guidelines are all fresh in your mind, so you won’t be stressing too much about questions. If you start on it the day it was assigned and do a bit every day, you’ll be finished in no time, and you’ll have plenty of time to ask your teacher questions and fix things if you need to. 


Tip #5 – Utilize Your Weekends

One of the most important tips someone can give you is to utilize your weekends! We know that you want to binge watch your favorite show or hang out with your friends, but take some time to do your homework or finish that project, and enjoy it! Complete all your assignments, finish that project, and if you want to read the next chapter you’re going to go over in class! You can use your weekends to complete all the loose ends you left on Friday, plus get a head start for the next week!

– Brynn Sailing and Jassi Chahal

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