On March 29, 2019, Billie Eilish released her highly anticipated debut studio album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. Fans have been eager to hear the singer’s new music upon its announcement in late January, and they were far from disappointed by what she offered. With fourteen tracks ranging from pop, electropop and trap music, Eilish and her brother Finneas successfully created an album intertwining different narratives and emotions that captivated her audience. “You should see me in a crown,” which was released in August of 2018, provided the first hear of the album’s theme and a transition to a new era, amplifying her confidence and self-resilience that left many, including me, awaiting for what was to follow. Alongside, other tracks including “when the party is over” and “listen before i go” proves that she is incredibly skilled of delivering melodramatic music that is capable of deeply immersing one in the emotions of sorrow and melancholy through her own stories.




– Joylyn Gong

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