The Perfect Date

Noah Centineo is back at it again! After his breakthrough in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Noah captures our heart once again in the new Netflix movie The Perfect Date along with co-star Laura Marano. Set in Connecticut, The Perfect Date follows high school student Brooks Rattigan, played by Centineo, as he applies for and tries to earn money to go to Yale. Along the way, he puts on many different personalities for his side business as a stand-in for whatever his customer wants—an art show escort, a dance partner, a tennis buddy. With this premise, The Perfect Date will resonate with just about any identity-searching high school student who has to go through the college admissions process. Ultimately, this movie is a reminder to stay true to yourself and to not let your college acceptances define you. When Brooks declares, “Can you imagine if I date Shelby and get into Yale? I mean that would be it. That would be my dream come true,” the witty Celia Lieberman, played by Marano, answers, “God, I feel bad for you. You’re just relying on external factors for your happiness, waiting for people to accept you instead of accepting yourself.” With scenes like this, hilarious dialogue, loveable characters, and an overall positive message, The Perfect Date is a must watch.

– Megan Li

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