The Ashfords: Final Installment

I was devastated. To think that I was Robyn’s brother, or my parents son, but knowing that I had been lied to for my entire life was certainly not something that I was expecting this summer.


Robyn dropped to the floor in shock as she furrowed her brow and bit her lip in disbelief. “Why would they even do that?” She aggressively hissed towards Cynthia.


“I was not married, and they did not want to tarnish the family’s name,” Cynthia responded while reaching for my limp, disappointed, bony hand. I immediately tugged my limb back the second she tried to make contact. “I am so sorry you two. If it were up to me this would not have happened.”


“I understand,” I responded while bouncing off of the wooden slabs of floor and standing to my feet; a hopeful aura surrounding me.


“Hayden, you don’t know what you are talking about!” Robyn spewed while hatefully standing and grabbing my wrist. “You are just a child! She betrayed you! Our parents betrayed you! You should be devastated! You should be angry!” Her meaty fingers clenched wrist while leaving a nail imprint in my palm.


“But I’m not. She didn’t have any choice,” I responded while pulling my hand away. Sure, I felt betrayed, but not by Cynthia. I felt betrayed by our parents. I felt betrayed by Robyn for acting like she knew what was best for me. “If you hate this so much, just go running back to your Mom and Dad.”


That one stung.


I shuffled over to Cynthia and wrapped my stubby arms around her torso while blankly staring at Robyn. “I’m sorry Robyn. This really shouldn’t change anything!”




After that summer, Robyn and I never spoke. She traveled back to her parents house and lived unfortunately with their shameful souls, while I stayed here, in the middle of nowhere, with Aunt Cynthia. I would receive the occasion calls from my parents, as they begged me to come back home and be reunited with them. I put all of those messages straight to voicemail.


As for Aunt Cynthia, she is doing pretty well with these new living circumstances; we have the occasional tiff about where the cereal went and how I apparently waste water in the shower.


Everything was fine, just fine.


Maggie Di Sanza

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