Spring Show Preview

This year’s spring play is She Kills Monsters, a relatively new fantasy and coming-of-age tale about two sisters named Agnes and Tilly. Taking place in the mid 1990’s, Tilly Evans (sophomore Heewone Lim) tragically dies in a car crash before the start of the show, leaving her older sister Agnes Evans (sophomore Ellie Overkamp) grieving. After Agnes discovers one of Tilly’s notebooks filled with scenarios from the game Dungeons & Dragons, she takes it to local nerdy freshman Chuck (freshman Chay Marquis) to figure out what it means. Throughout playing it, she learns more about her younger sister than she ever thought she could.

This is director Emily Glick’s first spring play here at Memorial. She previously directed the winter musical Shrek, and has received a very warm welcome from her actors. With no intermission, She Kills Monsters keeps the audience immersed for an action packed adventure. This production is meant to empower those who may feel powerless, and is bound to excite all who see it.

The dates of the show are May 16, 17, & 18 at 7:30 in theatre 300. Tickets are $5 dollars and can be bought at lunch the week of the show, or at the door.


Leah Vredenbregt

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