JMM ETH Club Update (Satire)

JMM’s Club for the Ethical Treatment of Houseflies has been up to a great deal recently! If you have been living under a rock and didn’t get a chance to check out all of their awesome work, here’s what you missed:


For one, they had one of the largest-scale fundraisers in JMM History on April 1st. Creatively titled, the fundraiser was called Funny Fly Fundraiser where they sold heart-shaped lockets with the portrait of an oppressed house-fly in the center. They raised over a thousand dollars in funds after virtually every student and staff at Memorial sported a necklace to raise awareness for the cruel treatment of houseflies. The Sword and Shield was able to interview some of the students who purchased said necklaces, and they had nothing but praise for the ETH Club! “What wonderful work they are doing!” “Nothing but the best for our house flies!” and “It warms my heart to see students taking action in their communities!” were just a few of the words that were exchanged. All of the proceeds from this fundraiser are going to be donated to the Housefly Rights Corporation stationed in Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks to everyone for the success of that fundraiser!


The club has also been working on an advisory presentation to the freshmen class of 2022. All throughout April, The Ethical Treatment of Houseflies Club will be visiting freshman English classes to inform the youngest students at Memorial about the importance of respecting houseflies. All of the English teachers are excited for this venture, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with.


Furthermore, ETH Club will be screening the moving ‘A Bug’s Life’ this April 22nd in room 1,000,001 during lunch! You should definitely stop by to get a better insight on insect rights!


Hope you all have a great April and don’t forget to attend Ethical Treatment of Houseflies Club!

By – Maggie Di Sanza

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