April Fools’ Recipe

Even though money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly buy literally anything else you could want. But, the question remains, how does one become rich? Well, if you make this “Rich Man’s Salad” and eat it once a day for the next month, you will become rich, too.



-1 oz. fresh caviar

-80 gold flakes

-½ cup of cheese, made using the milk from your flock of sheep you keep at your summer cabin in the Catskills

-12 pieces of sushi, obviously made by your private chef

-1 hard boiled egg, again, from your summer cabin at the Catskills



  1. Combine the caviar, gold flakes, cheese, and egg in a shallow bowl that you got on your life changing 3 month trip to India
  2. Garnish with the fresh sushi rolls
  3. Invite your good friend Oprah over
  4. Enjoy!

By : Leah Vredenbregt

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