SNL Portraying Washington D.C.


It is no secret that NBC’s Saturday Night Live loves to portray President Trump, his cabinet, family, and other D.C. officials each week. Here are my three favorite cameos of the season.


Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump:

Alec Baldwin has never been included on the opening credits as a cast member even though his routine portrayals of President Trump earned him an Emmy nomination last year. Baldwin usually appears once or twice a month in the first scene of the night, typically portraying an exaggeration of something Trump did that week, like a press conference or a rally.

Grade: A-


Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh:

Damon has now appeared twice on SNL as the newly appointed and highly controversial Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Once,he was in a nearly 13 minute opening sketch when Kavanaugh was not yet approved and going through Senate hearings. The other sketch was when he appeared with the rest of the SNL Trump Administration in the style of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Damon brings a high energy performance with many beer references when portraying Kavanaugh.

Grade: A


Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller:

Other than Trump, Mueller is likely one of the few individuals in Washington D.C. that will be a constant factor until the end of Trump’s presidency. Mueller is portrayed as a mafia “I know everything” type by none other than Robert De Niro, an actor known for his portrayals of mob life. De Niro is suave, dark, funny, and intimidating as Mueller. In addition, the way he portrays Mueller being “chummy” with Trump and the rest of his people of interest in the Russia probe provides a new level of entertainment to his occasional appearances on SNL.

Grade: A+


By – Leah Vredenbregt

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