Shrek the Musical: Review

Not gonna lie, it’s sad as Shrek if you missed this show. It’s the tale you knew and loved growing up- emotionally and socially deprived ogre, Shrek (Joe BonDurant) learns to love with the help of his loyal friend Donkey (Matthew Berthoud) and the feisty Princess Fiona (Leah Metzger). Add a musical number here and there, a dozen misunderstood fairytale characters, a lovestruck Dragon (Jillian Sytsma) and the not-such-a-Lord Farquaad (Jacob Larget) and you have Shrek, the musical. The students of Shrek lost three rehearsals due to snow days, but the songs and dances were so polished, you wouldn’t have been able to tell! With an outstanding production crew and orchestra, Shrek was a must-see show, displaying with humor and heart the unending talent of Memorial musical students year after year in the story that encourages you to embrace your inner weirdo and let your freak flag fly!

By – Maddy Peppard

Categories: Entertainment, Reviews

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