What letter of the word JANUARY are you?

  1. What’s your favorite type of body of water?
    1. River
    2. Puddle
    3. Ocean
    4. Stream
    5. Brook
    6. Bay
  2. Which is the most useful kitchen appliance?
    1. Oven
    2. Fridge
    3. Dishwasher
    4. Microwave
    5. Tea Kettle
    6. Sink
  3. Where do you like to sit?
    1. The floor
    2. Couch
    3. Stool
    4. Wood chair
    5. Bed
    6. Arm chair
  4. What ice cream would you DEFINITELY not eat?
    1. Cricket
    2. Pistachio
    3. Ginger
    4. Shrimp
    5. Tomato basil
    6. Potato chip
  5. What flavor kombucha would you DEFINITELY drink?
    1. Blueberries and cinnamon
    2. Berries and fresh or candied ginger
    3. Strawberries and basil
    4. Cherries and almond extract
    5. Pears and almond extract
    6. Apple juice and cinnamon
  6. Have you read the Toilet and Plunger, why?
    1. YES – I love to use the school bathrooms
    2. NO – I don’t use the school bathrooms
    3. NO – I can’t read
    4. YES – I can read
    5. NO – I don’t go to the bathroom enough
    6. NO – I go to the bathroom too much 😉
  7. What is your favorite synonym for thesaurus? (synonyms provided by thesaurus.com)
    1. lexicon
    2. onomasticon
    3. storehouse of words
    4. glossary
    5. treasury of words
    6. word list


Mostly 1s: You’re J – Joyful, jubilant, just-awesome! You’re having a great time and won’t let the winter season get you down. Keep on keeping on J, take this month by the horns and conquer your fears. Viva la vida.


Mostly 2’s: You’re A – Alluring, attractive, a-specially good looking! You’re looking pretty hot this month. Harsh, cold winter light is really the look for you. You’re shining with non denominational holiday cheer. Don’t break too many hearts this month, at least try for less than last year!


Mostly 3’s: You’re N – Normal, not interesting, nunchucks. You might think that January is just another boring month for you. But… you better watch out, you better not cry, you never know when you’ll become a samurai. Stay chill out there N.


Mostly 4’s: You’re U – Unique, ultra cool, undeterred. U are different, but you’re doing good things. Don’t let anything hold ya back this month. People might try and get in your way, but U got this U great person.


Mostly 5’s: You’re R – Risky, rich, raucous. Money money money, you’ll be getting lots of cold hard cash this holiday season. Don’t take too many risks, but you could pay off with a high reward. Don’t hold yourself back, live life to the fullest.


Mostly 6’s: You’re Y – Yams, yogurt, yeast. You like food? I do too. Eat up, it’s the holidays! But maybe avoid foods that start with the letter Y. IDK Y, just a feeling.

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