Semi-Rare Songs That Never Get Old

This is just a playlist consisting of songs that I have been listening to that still get me excited when they show up on shuffle.


  1. See You Again- Tyler, the Creator

A really sweet feel-good jam.

Lyric of choice: I wonder if you looked both ways when you crossed my mind

  1. One Slash Million- Omniboi

The style changes half a dozen times in only 2 minutes and 55 seconds. Somehow the disconnect makes it more cohesive.

Lyric of choice: That’s my one out of one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero

  1. Black Sheep- Metric

This song is a little corny and angsty, but I can’t help bopping my head along once the chorus hits.

Lyric of choice: Our common goal was waiting for the world to end

  1. Algo- Omar Apollo

I challenge you to listen to this song without having it get stuck in your head.

Lyric of choice: I don’t really like to chill with losers

  1. Eyes, Nose, Lips- Taeyang

The power ballad to end all power ballads. The love song to end all love songs.

Lyric of choice:

  1. Icy Girl Bae Mix- Saweetie ft. Kehlani

Lyric of choice: Cause I’m icy, wifey, haters wanna fight me

  1. Slow Dancing in the Dark- Joji

A song to relax to.

Lyric of choice: IN THE DAAAAARK

  1. Sunflower- Rex Orange County

Has a nice, upbeat instrumental with synthesized trumpets.

Lyric of choice: Sunflower still grows at night

  1. History- Rich Brian

Elevator music never sounded so good.

Lyric of choice: I know you said gimme a hug, and I said gimme a break

  1. Countdown- Beyonce

The first word she sings gets me hooked every time.

Lyric of choice: Boy

Check out the playlist here :


– Lily Lowndes

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