LeBron Announces Making of Space Jam 2


LeBron James’ entertainment company which he co-owns with Maverick Carter, Springhill Entertainment, announced the making of Space Jam 2. The movie will be directed by Terence Nance and produced by Ryan Coogler, whose notable films include Black Panther and Creed. James announced the hirings of Nance and Coogler in an Instagram post. The picture is of a set of four lockers that are labeled with Bugs Bunny, Nance, Coogler, and LeBron. Maverick Carter said that Space Jam 2 is not at all a sequel, and that he also doesn’t know if Michael Jordan, the star of the first movie, will be in this one. Carter said the spot was open to Jordan, but that he totally has the right to not be in the film.

– Nic Braico

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