High School Art Class Requirements

At JMM, students are required to take at least two semesters of humanities in order to graduate. Our school defines ‘humanities’ as foreign languages, art, music, drama or dance. The online curriculum also recommends students taking art classes in order to create a ‘well rounded’ profile for college applications. That being said, most students can go their entire high school career without needing to take any studio, visual, or musical art  classes. Both the JMM curriculum and outside research shows that many colleges require or recommend one or more semesters in fine arts. For those going into majors involving art, or art majors specifically, most colleges have at least one semester, if not more, of art class prerequisites.

However, JMM’s offered art classes all have at least fees ranging from $15 to $40, except for both the yearbook classes. While many of JMM’s student graduates went on to pursue careers aside from fine arts, it’s still a useful skill for teens’ developing brains. For younger students looking to give a well-rounded, cultured, creative application to colleges, they should definitely prioritize Memorial’s rigorous art courses.

– By Brynn Sailing


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