America’s Got Talent Season 13 Recap

The judges say it every season, but season 13 may have been the best that America’s Got Talent has seen. Thousands of hopeful acts auditioned, but only ten made it into the finals. Among them were: a magician, two aerial acts, a violinist, five singers, and (surprisingly) two comedians. Three of the final acts were judges’ golden buzzers, which speaks either to their judging skills or their influence over America’s voting. Either way, there was definitely an astounding amount of talent on stage. While watching Shin Lim, judge Howie Mandel commented that it was “the best sleight of hand close-up magic” he’d ever seen and notoriously critical judge Simon Cowell declared that aerial dance group Zurcaroh’s live show performance was one of the best in all of America’s Got Talent.


Unfortunately, only one act could win the million dollars and live show in Las Vegas. After some incredible final performances, September 18th brought the nerve-racking news the contestants had been waiting for all season long. Through their votes, America chose magician Shin Lim as the winner of AGT Season 13. However, all of the contestants clearly have very bright futures.

– By Beatrice Naujalyte

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