Teal Ribbon Club

Are you passionate about advocacy? How about making JMM a better community? Then join Teal Ribbon Club! We meet every Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Oryall’s room (804) for a wide range of activities that educate about sexual assault as well as how to prevent it. We have discussions about current events that have to do with sexual assault in our society, watch informational documentaries, and even volunteer and fundraise to help survivors and local organizations such as the Rape Crisis Center and Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. Teal Ribbon Club is a great place to educate yourself, learn how to be an advocate, and also to meet a great group of people who care about the same cause as you! Anyone can join at anytime, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, so we hope to see you at any of our meetings throughout the year! Questions? Contact President Kari Larsen: karilarsen15@gmail.com or Vice President Melanie Golden: megolden@madison.k12.wi.us

– By Kari Larsen

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