President Trump Using Twitter as a Political Platform


Twitter, like most social media outlets, was formed with the intention of allowing people to  communicate with others. It was created so people could interact with their favorite celebrity, view breaking news right from their phone, or even just use it as a place to express themselves a bit. There are two parts as to why Trump should be allowed to use Twitter: the practical side and the legal side.Keep in mind that before his presidency, Donald Trump used Twitter frequently to express himself while he was a real estate developer, and just because he is now president doesn’t mean he has to stop using Twitter.


Using Twitter has been a resource for the media to report on what he thinks and says; not to mention the convenience of reporting on Trump’s recent notions on social media rather than investigative journaling inside the White House.  It’s also easier for an average individual to see what he thinks, in the United States, or around the world. Moreover, Trump used Twitter to get the word out about important political decisions, such as resignations or firings of White House staff, and even respond to allegations about him or his staff. Considering how few times the White House actually does a press briefing, Trump tweeting has been an easy way for people to see what he thinks, at least on the outside.


Legally, Twitter is protected by the First Amendment, so Trump really has no obligation to refrain from Tweeting his idealized version of American politics. President Obama used Twitter – although not to the same degree as Trump – and most former presidents have Twitter accounts as well, such as Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. The only time Trump would legally be forced off Twitter would be if he violates the rules, which, although he has come close to on some occasions, has not occured yet.


Due to legal and practical reasons, the President should be allowed to continue using Twitter.


President Trump has repeatedly sent tweets with deplorable and inexcusable comments. He continues to use Twitter as a platform to express his controversial views. His use of Twitter has sparked domestic as well as international controversies, and he has repeatedly provoked “twitter wars” which have negatively impacted the reputation and credibility of the United States. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no optimal solution to stop President Trump from damaging our image and relations with other countries. If Twitter were to ban Trump from using it as a platform, Trump would turn to another form of social media. In this age of technology, there is no shortage of venues for Trump to express his thoughts. The sad reality of the situation is that banning Twitter from Trump will only stop him from tweeting; it won’t stop him from harming the United States with his comments any further. In addition, Trump using a major platform like Twitter enables us to see his thoughts before he takes action. President Trump is known to make rash decisions, and tweeting about what he will do before hand enables us, his advisors, and other foreign nations to have time to come up with a retaliatory course of action. His tweets allow us a glimpse into his world and help us prepare for what may come next. For example, in July, President Trump threatened Iran with potential war. This led to backlash from Iran, his advisors, as well as the people of the United States. Due to this backlash, the tweets never amounted to any physical action. Without us knowing what President Trump is thinking, we are at a greater risk of him making unfortunate decisions. Not knowing his thoughts by removing him from twitter is truly a risk we cannot take.

– Pros: Nic Braico

– Cons: Anika Sanyal

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