Senior Advice Column: October Issue

What are the hardest classes at Memorial?


AP Bio is the hardest class we’ve taken. You have to do a lot of work and reading on your own, and second semester was especially tough. Most seniors also agree that AP Chem is extremely difficult, but we never had the nerve to take it (*nervous chuckle*).


Do the seniors actually hate freshmen?


Haha, personally we don’t mind them that much. As long as you stay out of our way in the hallways and you don’t walk in front of my car, you should be fine. Some seniors used to throw pennies at freshmen, but we don’t have the money for that anymore so I wouldn’t be too afraid. In general, don’t do dumb things, and we should get along fine.


What is the hardest year of highschool?


For us the hardest year was junior year, but we think it depends on your class schedules and how involved you are. Lots of people take harder classes and are more involved during their junior year. Also, they are stressed with standardized testing plus college applications – it gets a little busy.

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