Join Chamber Orchestra

Do you play a string instrument or the piano? Do you want to develop your skills as a musician, group member, and performer? Well, I have the perfect club for you! JMM’s newly-formed Chamber Orchestra has started and we are incredibly excited to encourage the participation of  many talented instrumentalists! Groups of two to five will practice pieces individually towards the end goal of performing at a featured spring concert. If you are interested in being a part of a small chamber ensemble, you will want to join the Chamber Orchestra. We meet Wednesdays at 12:20pm in the Orchestra Room, where we play our pieces for fellow groups and learn about ways to improve. We also cover effective practice and performance strategies.


Our first ever Chamber concert will take place at the end of the year where only Chamber ensembles will be sharing their hard work with dedicated friends, family, and supporters! If you are interested please contact the club Co-Presidents Maggie Di Sanza: and Veronika Souzek:! If you would like to receive reminders, join the club Facebook page: JMM Chamber Orchestra 2018-19! We look forward to making and sharing music with you!

By Maggie Di Sanza

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