Spartan Awareness

Just this year, we, Jassi Chahal & Joylyn Gong, founded a club called Spartan Awareness! Our incentive is to bring awareness regarding diseases and disorders that many may endure to Memorial. As a club, we’ll be devoting our time to one particular health topic every month. In doing so, we will contribute in helping organizations that focus on our topic of the month. We’re planning to host some fundraisers throughout the year to raise money and awareness for those organizations. A couple of topics that we will be touching on are ADHD, diabetes, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. We are looking to expand our ideas in the future with the help of our members! To start off our club, we’ll be giving our attention to suicide prevention in honor of National Suicide Prevention month.

We meet every Friday during lunch at Room 615 from 12:10-12:34! Join our Facebook group, “Spartan Awareness 2018-19” & follow us on instagram (@spartan.awareness) for updates! If you feel you are interested in making a positive impact for those who live with a disease or disorder, feel free to join our club and help make a difference!

– By Joylyn Gong and Jassi Chahal


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