5 Tips for the Best School Year Yet

Here are a few tips to make sure you accomplish your goals and make the most of your year!


  1. Try to stay organized! In order to make sure that you complete all of your assignments, show up to all practices on time, and make time for your friends and family, you must keep track of all of your activities and projects. Find what works for you! Maybe it means writing all assignments down in the provided planner. Or it might be keeping track of your events on a phone or computer. Once you get into a habit of keeping track of your events and assignments, it will be easy to develop a system that works for you!
  2.  Join a club or two! Don’t be afraid to sign up for new experiences and say “yes” to opportunities! Find a few interests and pursue them; you might end up meeting people with shared interests and find meaningful ways to impact your community.
  3. Be open to new friends and ideas! It can be difficult to get to know new people and be open to new ideas and experiences. However, in order to get the most out of your high school years, you need to take advantage of these new encounters. Make a few new friends in your classes, and don’t be afraid to try something that you never would have imagined doing before!
  4. Look after your mental health! Among all of the hustle and bustle of school, extracurriculars, and family, life can seem incredibly overwhelming. Try not to get caught up in the competition and thirst for success. Make sure to dedicate time for yourself, and maintain a positive outlook on what you are doing. While participating in many sports and clubs, or taking rigorous courses that may be perceived as impressive on resumes, your well being is the most important aspect of your life. Make an effort to give priority to your own sense of well-being and strive for a balance between work and downtime.
  5. Set up a regular study schedule! Reviewing for exams, quizzes, and tests can be frustrating and intimidating. If you dedicate even twenty minutes every day to reviewing material covered in your classes, you will feel far more prepared once test day rolls around!

I wish you the best of luck this year!

– By Maggie Di Sanza

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