Sun Prairie Explosion

On Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 a major gas leak resulted in an explosion in Sun Prairie. A firefighter volunteer was killed, and several others, including a police officer, were injured. The explosion happened around 7pm that night, at the intersection of Main and Bristol streets. Around 6:20pm that same night, the police were called because of complaints that the air smelled like leaking gas. The explosion damaged some buildings,  including Barr House Glass Nickel Pizza, the Watertower Chop House, and a residence nearby.

According to police, construction was happening near the evacuation site, and officials that worked with the company “WE Energies” said they were aware of an independent contractor hitting a “natural gas main in downtown Sun Prairie.”

Everyone within a half mile of the area was evacuated, and most headed to either the Sun Prairie High School for family assistance or their local YMCA, where free assistance was offered.

A month and some weeks later, the area has recovered and is starting to return to normalcy. Several people are still trying to heal from this unexpected tragedy.

– By Jassi C

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