Dane County Flooding


The floods that hit South Central Wisconsin greatly affected neighborhoods and businesses in and around the Memorial area. More than nine inches of rain flooded western Dane County on August 20, where many JMM students reside.

The historic rainfall caused several major roads to close, including the block of Mineral Point Road in front of Memorial, and dozens of cars were abandoned in the middle of roads all across town well into the next day. In addition, one man, James Sewell, died after being swept away by flood waters near Piping Rock Road.

While many residents lost power at some point, with the Wexford area going dark for 10 hours, some businesses faced days without power. Such was the case for Costco in Middleton, which went without power for over 14 hours. Because many of its products were refrigerated, it lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in products that could no longer be sold, and was closed for nearly two weeks.

In addition, Schwoegler’s bowling alley, which is just a couple of blocks from Memorial, faced major water damage. While its restaurant and bar will open again September 4th, its actual bowling lanes will not open until mid-November. This will likely affect the curriculum for the Team Sports gym class here at Memorial that frequently goes to Schwoegler’s during class time.

– Leah Vredenbregt

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