Thailand Cave Rescue

The harrowing yet captivating story of a Thai youth soccer team and their coach trapped in the Tham Luang, the fourth largest cave system in Thailand, was widely covered in the news this summer.

After an afternoon practice on Saturday, June 23rd, the “Wild Boars” team and their coach biked to the Tham Luang, one of their favorite exploration spots. Dropping off their bikes and bags at the cave’s entrance, the team went in with only their torches. The cave, which is recommended to only be entered during the months of November and April, started quickly filling up with water due to rain, leaving the boys and their coach trapped. What should have been a one hour visit turned into a two week battle for survival.

Thankfully, the team found a dry shelf that had access to fresh water in the form of moisture on the cave walls, and they used meditation techniques to conserve energy. Outside, a global rescue operation was unfolding to get the Wild Boars out of the cave.

Ten days later, two British divers found all thirteen boys and their coach alive, and within the next week, the boys and their coach were rescued from the cave and reunited with their families after brief hospitalization.

Astonishing stories like this remind us that teamwork makes the dream work.


– Shruti Sathish

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